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Project Duration: 1. January 2012 - 30. September 2012

The goal of the project Voice2Social at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) was to develop a multimodal dialog system for mobile devices (comperable to Siri) was the goal of the Voice2Social Project at. Our work covered:

  1. Implementation of a rule-based multomodal platform for mobile devices (mainly android)
  2. To make the explanation of the platform as easy as possible we used the MVC architecture by developing the platform.
  3. Login & registration with email-verification
  4. Connection to SQL Database
  5. Integration of 3rd-party Components such as speech recognizer, speech synthesizer and many web services e.g. Qype, online radios, etc.
  6. Location based restaurants, bars and cafes recommendation.
  7. Integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  8. Integrations of Google-Map
  9. Realisation of a graphical user interface (GUI)
  10. Multimodal information presentation
  11. Multilanguage support

Used Languages & Technologies:

Javascript   PhoneGap   HTML   CSS   Android   XML   Photoshop   MVC-Framework   REST   SVN   Trac