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Project Duration: 1. September 2011 - 15. February 2012

Ticket-Vooh is an online-platform for Ströer, one of the biggest international marketers for Out-of-Home media, enabling their customers to upload their advertisement pictures linking them to a Photo-Recognition-App. With that App users can take a photo from a concert ad and directly buy tickets for that specific concert on their phone. We have conceptualized & implemented this online-platform. Our work covered:

  1. Login & registration with email-verification for Ströer’s customers
  2. The upload function
  3. The advertisement search function
  4. Linking the concert ad pictures with one or several ticket-providers, from which the customer can buy tickets for the concert.
  5. Implementing backend communication to external Java server, on which the image-recognition-software is running and also where the pictures are stored. The communication has been based on a REST-interface.

Used Languages & Technologies:

Ruby on Rails   HTML / ERB   CSS / SASS   XML   Javascript   jQuery   JSON   YAML   Apache HTTP Server   Apache Tomcat   jRuby   MySQL   SQLite   SVN   Photoshop   MVC­-Framework   REST   Trac   Sublime