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Project Duration: 1. January 2010 - 30. September 2011

SmartSenior was a project at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The goal of this project was the development of novel technologies for elderly people to allow them having a longer and independent life in their own homes. Our main task was the realise a platform for controlling and observing of household appliances and building equipments. The project has been conducted in collaboration with the Deutsche Telekom, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, BMW, DAI Labor, Charite University, Max-Planck-Institut, Design Research Lab, medium-size companies e.g. PRISMA GmbH and other partners from housing industry and service sector. Our work covered:

  1. Design and realisation of a central component to connect and control house devices based on diverse technologies like KNX, EIB, UPnP, EnOcean, etc.
  2. Implementation of a graphical user interface for controlling and observing house devices and building equipments through mobile devices (Windows Mobile and Android).
  3. Implementation of a web-based graphical user interface for simple integration of new devices.
  4. Executing many usability tests and improving the usability of the realised platform
  5. Execution of many usability tests and improving the usability of the realised platform.

Used Languages & Technologies:

Java   Android   Windows Mobile   OSGi   HTML   CSS   Javascript   XML   C#   GWT   REST   SVN   Trac