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Project Duration: 1. September 2013 ­- 30. April 2014

With Picment you can take a photo and record sound simultaneously. We have been responsible for the concept, design and development. The features are:

  1. Login & registration with email­-verification
  2. Simultaneously taking photo and recording sound (the combination of photo & sound is called “Picment”, like the name of the App).
  3. Sharing Picments privately with friends & family.
  4. Sharing Picments publicly over Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Tango, oovoo, WeChat, Google+ and other social media.
  5. Gallery for your own collected Picments & also those shared with you.
  6. Showing Picments on the web supporting all major browsers
  7. Integration of an In­App­Photo­Editor, which comes with photo­filters and other tools for editing photos.
  8. A gamified invite­-functions, which allows the user to invite her contacts to use the App.

Used Languages & Technologies:

Java   Android   Robotium   Ruby on Rails   HTML / HAML   CSS / SASS   Bootstrap   XML   Javascript   jQuery   JSON   YAML   Linux   Apache HTTP Server   MySQL   SQLite   Git   Capistrano   Photoshop   MVC­-Framework   REST   Asana   Eclipse (ADT)   Sublime