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Project Duration: 2008

Within the project ODP4Car at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) a multimodal dialog system was developed to integrate various consumer web services. By using this system, the passengers are able to use all services over voice commands. The project has been conducted in collaboration with the Daimler AG. Our work covered:

  1. Integrating various web services with different interfaces (Google Maps, Qype, etc.)
  2. Realising a multimodal dialog system for sending queries to the integrated web services.
  3. Realising a context- and situation-based component to generate suitable presentation of query results.
  4. Realising a graphical user interface to display the results created by the multimodal dialog system.
  5. Preparing a comprehensive study about the possible applications of multimodal dialog systems in vehicles and the pros and contras of this approach.

Used Languages & Technologies:

Java   C#   Flash   XML   REST   SOAP   SVN   Trac