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Project Duration: 1. June 2011 ­- 1. August 2013

FabGate is a marketplace for high quality 3D-printing. Professional 3D-printing service providers offer their services on FabGate to the designers, engineers and architects, who use such services for their own work. We have been responsible for the concept, design and development. Our work covered:

  1. Login & registration with email­-verification
  2. Login & registration with Facebook
  3. Resetting password
  4. Creating profiles
  5. Creating galleries, where the 3D-printing service providers can show photos of their previous work Conceptualizing, designing & implementing a web-messaging-system (similar to Facebook’s messaging-system), which allows both sides of the marketplace to communicate. That system also sends emails with the messages, if the user is not logged in.
  6. Allowing the user to send multiple service providers a request and getting a standardized offer from each of them.
  7. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing an address-management-system, which allows the user to use different billing- and delivery-addresses.
  8. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing an order-management-system, which empowers both sides to handle any order and provides information about the contract-partner, the order, the order-status and the ability to communicate with the contract-partner.
  9. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing a feedback-system, which the user can use to get in contact with the FabGate-Support and ask questions.
  10. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing a rating-system, which enables the user to rate her contract-partner after the order is closed.
  11. Integrating an email-notification-system, which notifies the user automatically, if she got a new order or an offer, but also if the offer has been accepted or rejected.
  12. Implementing upload function for 3D models with max. size of 100MB in the formats 3DS, STL, OBJ, PLY and VRML with the attached textures.
  13. Integrating a highly efficient automated analysis tool für 3D models, which can handle up to 100MB in size. The analysis delivers the volume, the surface and the dimensions.
  14. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing a 3D-model-management-system, which can be used to manage, share and print 3D models.
  15. Conceptualizing, designing & implementing an intelligent search feature allowing to find the right service providers based on the size of the 3D model, on the selected materials & colors and on the location.
  16. Implementing a highly efficient 360°-rendering procedure of 3D models for displaying them in different browsers.
  17. Integrating multi-language-support. Every text has been translated from German to English. The design and functions have been adapted to all major browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer

Used Languages & Technologies:

Ruby on Rails   HTML / HAML   CSS / SASS   Bootstrap   XML   Javascript   jQuery   JSON   YAML   Linux   Apache HTTP Server   MySQL   SQLite   Git   Capistrano   Photoshop   MVC­-Framework   REST   Asana   Sublime