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Project Duration: 1. January 2009 - 31. December 2009

The Carmina project at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) was aimed to set the fundament of a new generation of context-sensitive multimodal interfaces for automotive applications, which should support the following interaction types: The interaction of driver and other passengers with the the vehicle and mobile web services, the interaction between passengers i.e. the driver, co-driver and the passenger at the rear seats (multi party interaction), and the interaction of passengers and the environment. Our work covered:

  1. Integrating and controlling the CAN-Bus system of a Mercedes R-Class.
  2. Integrating a multimodal dialog system for controlling the vehicle functions (air-conditioning system, seat heatings, side windows, etc.).
  3. Multi-user system: All passengers should be able to use the system simultaneously (According to this, commands such as “open my window” could be interpreted and executed in the right way).
  4. Integrating an 3D driving simulator.
  5. Automated communication with other vehicles.
  6. Integrating an OWL ontology.
  7. Providing information about the environment. Questions like “What is that building at the right hand side?” was interpreted and answered correctly.

Used Languages & Technologies:

Java   OSGi   REST   SVN   Trac